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Kelly Christopherson

Curiosity is the grease that oils the machine of education. The kids come to school with it and, if we continue to keep it ourselves, school becomes a place of wonder. Somehow, and I'm not sure how or why, we degrease the kids, the machine doesn't run as smooth and it is no longer a place of wonder but a place that seems forced and out of sync. We need to remind ourselves that curiosity is a good thing, even when it gets in the way of our planned lessons. In fact, it might be the best thing that could happen to a class!

Tracy Rosen

Kelly, I agree. I was a bit stunned by my realization that curiosity could so quickly be supplanted by assumptions in my case - and I consider myself to be a curious person!

As I look around me at my new school I find myself drawn towards those teachers and administrators who are curious about trying new things. Of course, there are always those who, in the staffroom, talk as if they 'know' the students in their classes even though they have only had them for a week!

Angela Maiers

Tracy, Amen to this post! Learning ceases when our questions stop. If leaders and teachers demonstrated to students the value of curious minds, students would see learning as a passion quest that is never ending.

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