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Dave Sherman

You hit the nail on the head, Steve. These August and early September months are crazy-busy. Opening the school year is hard enough for us principals, but this year I am doing it with two brand new secretaries. Wow, it sure has been interesting!
Good luck with the new school year. It does settle down and into a routine, soon, doesn't it?


Thanks for the reminder to be good to myself! It is not just taking personal down time but it is also the tyranny of the urgent in my work day that plagues me. How do we keep the urgent from letting in the way of the important? And of course how do we keep from falling prey to avoiding those unpleasant tasks that always seem to get put back on the bottom of the pile? Another related question is how to find the right people to compliment your style ie. someone who is strong where you are weak.

Learning to Lead

I was just thinking about this very topic yesterday as I rode the train home. I've been pacing myself, possibly at too slow a pace because I know that the systems are in place. Yet, I'm also interning this year, and not running my own school, so I have the luxury of knowing that someone else is ultimately in-charge. She has definitely been burning that midnight oil. I know that I'm going to need my strength over the next 10 months. The children haven't even come in yet!

Dan Winters

Easier said than done, Steve. I find it so hard to get the details of work out of my head. Your reminder is well timed. I often preach to my teacher to have balance and take care of themselves and "Have a life", but do I follow that advice myself? I'm going to give that some serious thought this weekend...while I redo our collaboration schedule and read 52 narratives for teachers applying for a Kindergarten position. :)

Lisa-Gaye Williams

I am writing to you from Downunder where we have 4 weeks to go in the 3rd term of our 4 term year. I have just returned from a 4day technology conference, my daughter needs help with assignments, my classes are preparing theirs, my brother & sister-in-law are here from the US for just a few days...and so it goes. I sometimes wonder how we fit it all in, but have decided that takes up too much time!


Why is it so hard to remember this? Maybe I should put a huge sticker on my computer that says... just for today, I am going to enjoy the rest of my life or there won't be the rest of my life left to enjoy.

Thanks for the reminder.

Tracy Rosen

Oh yes - like others have mentioned, this is something we preach to others but it is just so difficult to do ourselves! Hopefully notions like shared leadership and collaboration will one day help us out with the idea that we need to do it all.

It reminds me of a speaker I once heard at a convention who used the analogy of airplane instructions for an emergency. When the oxygen mask falls we need to make sure ours are on before helping others with theirs - reminding us to give ourselves time to breathe so we can help others.

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