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Steve Poling

Amen, Sis! I am worn slick right there with you.

Sir Paul

I cannot state that I am sick of anyone saying anything about public education in America. Seriously, let's face it, predicated upon how the public system used to be as compared to what it is now leaves quite a lot to be desired.

I have written a series of articles on the "failures" of the public school system and why I believe it is in the condition it is now. I know that it's your blog or site and we all need to rant, rave, and every now and then throw a tantrum; however, whenever I read anything that leans toward "The Religious Right" it immediately turns me off.

Don't we have enough labels in America? Do we need to be labeling factions or various other groups? Is there a "Religious Left"? Oops! Forget that one! Hey, we are all Christians; moreover, we are known by our faith and good works. That's far too much for me to handle and try and juggle this functionally illiterate bigot.


It is hard for me also to hear the brand "Religious Right". As a former Baptist, I know for the most part the congregates are well-meaning people. Please remember that one loud obnoxious voice does not speak for an entire group of people, despite what he or she might say (think Fred Phelps, Westboro Baptist pastor, who advocates protesting at military funerals. He got a lot of press, but very few people actually ascribe to his views).

I am a Born-again, evangelical Christian who believes public schools are our best and only hope to effect lasting change for the better in our country and our world, precisely because we ARE "failing" in all ten of those areas listed above. If we can demonstrate the better chance our students have when they are educated, motivate them to reach for the brass ring, and give them the skills they need to catch it we will have succeeded. Perhaps, along the way, we can change a few of the potential Phelps of the world along the way.


Also, 50 percent of Black and Urban students are not graduating. Among many who do, some of the most fundamental basics of a minimal education are not present. Across the board, knowledge of the very basics of history aren't there.

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