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Kelly Christopherson


Exactly what I've been thinking lately. For weeks I haven't been really excited about blogging or even reading blogs. I was finding that the conversations were the same. Over at www.classroom2.0.com, one of the conversations was about the native/immigrant thing which I no longer care about because it has nothing to do with the teaching. As centers of learning, each school needs to figure out what tools they will use and then begin to reflect on their learning objectives. Our school PLT's are focusing on reading right now but we are also looking at how we can increase reading and comprehension through the use of tools such as audacity and Accelerated Reader. Taking tools that are relative to what students are doing, tracking what we are doing and seeing if they are working. It has been amazing to watch new and emergent readers help themselves as they listen to their own reading and correct themselves. How students are becoming aware of their actions and body language through video, isolating how particular gestures DO transfer particular messages which were not congruent with what they were saying or thinking. Now if we could just get our network to work properly! I like the way you've addressed this - a step in the right direction.


Thanks Kelly for the comment and the encouragement. I like the way you are using audacity. In K to 3 one area of focus is reading fluency and I never thought of using audacity to help!
We are going to using voicethread across the grades too to encourage the students to articulate their learning.
At our faculty meeting next week we will be looking at our objectives for the first quarter. It should be an interesting discussion and hopefully it will lift us beyond the level of recall and daily drill. Sometimes it is truly hard to see the forest when we are in the midst of our daily work so I am hoping this time will focus us on the big picture.


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