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Kyle Stevens

I agree that parents who take over the lives of high school student harm them more than they help them. One of my favorite NPR This I Believe essays is by Jon Carroll entitled Failure is a Good Thing, sorry no URL I'm using my phone to type this. The essay describes how wishing for failure is more helpful because it is through failure that we learn and grow. Parents who make excuses for their children prevent growth. The question is what can I as an educator do to help a student whose parent, by over-action, hurts the student's growth?

Suzanne Shanks

Amen. I agree. You should see the level of "helicoptering" that goes on at the middle school and elementary school. I have often worried that the next generation (especially boys) will have no spine because of their parents' rescuing behaviors. You might relate to my post (rant) at http://tinyurl.com/2lgrrc. Feel free to skim - it's really too long.

For today, I will focus on those amazing parents who, rescuers or not, devote hours and hours of volunteer time to my school. They keep us running. There is a bright side.

Suzanne Shanks

For some reason that tinyURL doesn't work. Sorry about that. Here's the link: http://thetechtrainer.edublogs.org/2007/10/21/the-knowledge-revolution/

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