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Joe Poletti

Well said, Chris. And we generally are bombarded with these cases in the first hour of every day. To me, the most needy (in a variety of definitions) are often the most precious students we have. We are fortunate to try to intercede on their behalf. Doesn't always work out the way we'd like, but it is what makes this job 100% human-centric.

It is one of the reasons I returned to a school environment after 9 years of central services and state dept responsibilities.

Not much can compare to the day-to-day in a school. One's sense of relevance can go unmatched there. And every day we are blessed with beautiful rays of sunshine.

On the flipside of the "Boys Town" cases, we have a lot of kids who have had the accident of being born with silver spoons in their mouths. This often proves to be quite another form of tragedy.

Mark Stock

Nicely done.

May we never forget the human side of the business during our test craze phase.

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