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An even better option in my opinion is Kartoo - http://kartoo.com . It's similar to TouchGraph, but since it's been around for several years Kartoo offers a more polished, visually appealing interface. TouchGraph uses a Google search, while Kartoo is a metasearch engine. Kartoo is also considerably faster, at least with my connection.

I use Kartoo with visual learners who look at a traditional Google search results list and can't make anything out of a screen full of text. Interfaces such as Kartoo and TouchGraph seem to be more compatible with the way their brains sort through information.

However, keep in mind that the opposite is also true that I have analytical thinkers who can't make any sense out of Kartoo and TouchGraph.


Thanks Tim. I'll check out Kartoo also. I agree not every tool for every person and maybe I am more of a visual learner than I know. This way of uncovering information however brought me a great deal more pertinent information on one page than I have been able to get in any other way.
And the conundrum of information that didn't seem to fit was very interesting as we discovered how they were connected to the topic.

Tracy Rosen

Quintura does something similar but with tags. There is also Quintura for kids.


I began using Grokker about half a year ago. What I like about it is that offers both an outline view and a map view, answering the needs of both analytical and conceptual thinkers.



Both Kartoo and Quintar offer interesting interfaces but I still do not find them as compelling as ThinkGraph. I like the one page representation you get with ThinkGraph...all of the results right there. I like the fact that it is open source and I am thinking about how we can use it to look at learning networks. And finally I like the fact that it seems like a great opportunity to explore with older students how things are networked and interrelated.

Tracy Rosen

I agree Barabara - it does have great potential for teaching about networking and connections.

Unfortunately, even though it is open source, it is not compatible with all operating systems! I tried to explore it from home, where I do most of my planning, however I run a linux operating system and it doesn't work on it.

What I really like about an application like Grokker is the way you can represent the same search results in different manners for different types of learners. Does ThinkGraph do that as well?


Here are some others: Kartoo is a favorite here in the Lab.

Move the mouse over the binoculars to get a site preview. You'll see: http://www.ask.com

Google's new search engine experiment: http://www.searchmash.com

http://turbo10.com (does not work in the Safari web browser)





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