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Cory Plough

I have been saying "my bad" since the early 90's when I was in high school. It was new then, and is now a very old term but used all the time. My HS students trip out when they hear me say it, but I was in that early group of people who said it. Geez, wish I could remember where it came from. Anyway, I agree with your final analysis. It was always an admission and admonition for me. It was a way of taking immediate responsibility without suffering the embarassment of screwing up in front of my peers. It is still a way of saying, "look, I messed up, you are right, sorry, will fix it" to my students. Its just in a language they get, I get, and we all save face.

Peter Stinson

I can remember using this term in the late 1970's while in high school in western Maryland. I''m pretty sure it was in common use on our lacrosse team. For instance, if we were passing a ball back and forth and a throw went wild and was uncatchable. So the receiver, who missed the ball has to run and get the ball. The player passing would say, "My bad," to acknowledge that he had muffed the throw. If the catcher had dropped or missed a good throw, there'd be no "My bad."

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