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Kelly Christopherson


Because I coach and take part in many different activities at the school, I get to interact with students on a different level which is so great. I supervise during noon, visit the elementary classes to read books, do my walk-throughs and then follow-up with drop-ins where I just listen and interact with the students. I sit with them in the hall on our benches or couches and visit them in the computer lab. I teach one class which allows me to interact with some students. Because I have 5 of my children in the school, I interact with some of the students as their friends dad and I try to go to as many different events as possible. You're right, it is easy to get stuck behind the desk doing all the paper work and filing and dealing with the many other administrative things. I'm really trying to get into the classrooms more and not get stuck so much at my desk. Sometimes I use a timer on my laptop to remind me to go visit a classroom and each time the bell rings I get out of my desk and go into the hall to just chat with students. I'm getting better but not as good as I'd like to be!

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