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Ryan Lanham

Odd things to think. It seems this sort of self-centered leadership is declining. Leaderless organizations or servant leadership each call for more selfless and de-egotized ways of knowing.

By all means, let us expand our ways of knowing, but now toward egoism and leadership as it was...but as it will be...leaderless, servant oriented, and enabling.

pete reilly

I'm not clear how you make the jump from defining leading as being able to take effective, embodied action to selfishness and egoism. How does one build his or her leadership effectiveness without focusing on the "self"? This is not done to accumulate power but for a greater good. The better leader I am, the more I am able to inspire and motivate others.

"Clearly intellectual capacity and specific technical skills matter; but they alone don't make a powerful leader. It is the self that is able to mobilize and motivate others, coordinate effectively with them, build trust, and generate positive moods." Richard Strozzi-Heckler

I start with the belief that everyone is a leader, it's just that some are more effective than others.

I believe leadership can be learned and improved.

I further believe that our rationalistic way of learning - mostly in the mind - develops smart people with great ideas who are inneffective leaders.

By expanding the definition of learning from accumulating information to being able to do things with that information, we open the door do leaders who aren't just "smart" but are effective.

The more effective leaders there are in an organization, or in the world; the better our chances of meeting the challenges that face us.

Egotistical? Self-centered? I don't think so. We do the hard work of transforming ourselves, so that we can be in effective service to others.



I am a graduate student studying Executive Leadership and Organizational change. When I stumbled upon this book in class, I was interested in the process because I enjoy meditation and yoga. I am going to pursue how my love for yoga can be incorporated in the business sector. How much resistance do you typically have in the corporate setting? I find many people are not willing to "expose" themselves or are willing to be vulnerable.

I have another question. Have you introduced this technique with children? If not, why not? I am curious as to why we wait until we have to reprogram adults. Why are we not utilizing these techniques with children? Not lucrative enough?

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