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Nancy Sabin

A round of applause for your comments and wisdom re: technology and fear-mongering! I couldn't agree more. Let's realize the Internet is an invaluable tool that like so many other things, needs supervision and safety talks between parents or adults and kids. We're glad you enjoyed our speaker and keep up the good work yourself!

Nancy Sabin
Executive Director
Jacob Wettelring Foundation

Joe Poletti

We did an entire week blitz last year.

It included three outreach nights to parents that were fairly under-attended.

New Pew study shows parents increasing ambivalence toward Internet.

With my own kids, I'm keying in less on the predation aspect, and more on the sedentary lifestyle that "screen sucking" promotes.

I urge them often to un-tether themselves and go swimming or something.


Timely post. Wathced this recently: A post from Will Richardson:


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