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Terry L. Sumerlin

"Approval-holics Anonymous" - very interesting. Good thoughts. Thanks!

Terry L. Sumerlin
The Barber-osopher
Author/Motivational Speaker

Peter Stinson


No, you are not leading your staff "down the path of becoming overly-expectant of being praised." Rather, you're doing what the Gallop folks discovered sets the "great" organizations apart from the "rest." I'm referring, as you likely know, to Buckingham & Coffman's FIRST, BREAK ALL THE RULES which details the 12 questions which can help a person assess the state of their organization. And, of course you know that since the four questions you quote are straight from the survey.

In my work as an organizational development consultant with the Coast Guard, I have seen the power of leadership. I go to units where members have received no feedback; they grave feedback. They don't necessarily want praise; they want to know how they're doing and to be recognized for their efforts.

When I visit units that provide appropriate recognition, the members aren't approval-holics; they're fully functioning team members who seek excellence in all they do.

I will also note that faint praise turns sour after not so many weeks.

Keep up the great work.

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