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Liz Kolb

I really enjoyed your post! Thanks for including my presentation in your support of cell phones in schools. Visit my blog for more ideas on how they can become learning tools (I'm always looking for new ideas and methods).

Kelly Christopherson


Very interesting that you are moving away from the "control" in order to manage better. I see this as a necessity at a time when the opposite is happening in my own division. We seem to want control but tend to disguise it as "safety" by saying that the in house group of services will be safer than those hosted else where. I've been pushing for the use of Googledocs to no avail because of the safety issue. It's unfortunate that many hours and time are going into recreating things that are already available. It seems that once we realize we can't control, then we become much freer to experience the options that are available to us. Thanks for sharing!

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