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Lisa Parisi

Well said. I find that the more technology and project work I do in class, the easier it is to be out. The children can go on for a day or two, working on projects, while I recover or enjoy some professional development so I can bring back new project ideas. I can also easily connect with them from home via Skype or UStream to refocus, reteach, or redirect learning.

Stephanie Sandifer


Thanks for mentioning newer tech tools. I also find these very helpful in connecting with others when I can't be with them in person.

I think all educators could make better use of technology to minimize the impact of being "absent" -- we can find ways to use the technologies so that students can still engage in meaningful learning experiences even if the teacher isn't physically present.


Suzanne Shanks

All I can say is Thank You! and Amen! We educators tend toward caretaking -- of everyone but ourselves. My friend and I just had this conversation 2 days ago. Would that more bosses would/could see it this way...

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