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This is awesome, now if only I could get my daughters district to get something like this rolling. Any recommendations on how a parent with these skills should approach their district administrators? I have offered many times, free of charge even, and I keep getting "We'll get back to you". The district has a tech guy, but he's just that, tech, hardware and infrastructure. They have little in the way of tech ed support in the district. Looking for any suggestions, how would you lie top be approached as an administrator?

Tracy Weeks

If you are getting nowhere with the "tech guy (or gal)" try meeting with one of the central office instructional services leaders. Or send them the link to this blog entry :)

John Evans


Awesome post. I have been doing similar work with our admin team this year using wikis to plan PD events for our admin team and as part of the work we do at our regular meetings. They really see the benefits once they get started. We also now have many of our schools using a wiki as their school web page. Teachers and administrators are loving them.



This is great stuff. As of Monday, I am switching jobs, going from tech coordinator to Director of Curriculum. A lot of the reason I wanted to move to the supervisory side of teaching was that it would enable me more opportunity to transform classroom practices.

However, I didn't know how to modify my mindset, and I still don't, but your post gave me some ideas. One of my favorite things to do is to converse about the changes afoot in not only teaching, but also the world around us. Your lunch and learn's are perfect for that. I will be blogging about this shortly, so thanks for the inspiration.

Dave Sherman

I did not know if I should comment here or at PargoNet, so I did it at both! I really appreciate your ideas in this post, and I am interested to know if any principals in your district or elsewhere are using one or all of the four suggestions you offer. As much as I enjoy reading and writing blog posts, I am frustrated by the lack of time I have to do so. The principalship just does not allow me the opportunities to do as much on the web as I would like. I have played with wikis and Google Docs, but I have not found a way to use them successfully, on a daily basis with the staff, students, or parents. As it is, I struggle to reach my goal of writing one post per week on each of my two blogs. Running a school takes up so much time! Do you see other principals using these cool tools successfully? Do you have any suggestions where I can start in the limited time I have?

Kelly Christopherson


Great ideas and I love how you have moved to just using the tools and having others buy in to their use. I've done some of the similar things with my staff and, once they get going, they seem to see the use of the tools and come for some help. I've introduced wikis in this way and I'm hoping to do the same with google docs. Sometimes one must just start and let others get on board.

John Hendron

Your blog post inspired my weekly e-mail newsletter to our teachers in Goochland County Virginia.


We do try the modeling approach here and I think it works well to show others the benefits of using technology and builds their comfort level when they see others doing the same.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and approach.

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