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This was a most engaging read. great post! very comprehensive and quite some great thoughts!

Scott McLeod

That post was one I was working on for this coming Thursday. I accidentally hit 'Post' by mistake instead of 'Save as Draft.' I saved it back as a draft but the damage was done. Curse those RSS feeds!

Great post, though! =)


Hopefully you're all reading Dan Meyer's excellent blog. Even if I wasn't in education, I'd want this one in my reader. http://blog.mrmeyer.com if you're not there already.

Doug Johnson

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the mention!

Some blogs I find of consistent value and insight are:

Around the Corner

Assorted Stuff

Ed Tech Journeys

All the best in this new year!


Matt Hillmann

Thanks, Doug. Much like you, I clean out my RSS reader every so often and it is time to add a couple of new blogs. Your suggestions here, as always, look like they have great potential.

Kimberly Moritz

Thanks Matt, I missed being here so I'm back now!


you must be attached to a television/internet during this period of time

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