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Scott Elias

Ah yes - the AP Conundrum... Do lunch duty, discipline all these kids, finish the master schedule without overbooking any rooms or teachers, oh - and be an instructional leader!

My second ever LeaderTalk post was about productivity hacks for administrators (http://tinyurl.com/2r99y5). Re-reading it today, I still pretty much stick it.

Frank Buck

I was a middle school assistant principal for 4 years. What helped me keep my sanity (and avoid ding things that weren't doing) was identifying the several most important things for the day and scheduling a time for them on the calendar. Everything else had to wait--drop-in visitors, phone calls, discipline referrals. It all still got done, but I made sure the trivia didn't crowd the significant. Also, the habit of writing everything down was the key. When I can see it all in front of me, and can make better choices about how to group activities so I can get through them quickly.

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