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Jane Perzyk

Dave,I so enjoyed your posting about Jim Trelease. As a former children’s librarian, I relied heavily on his book and recommended it to classroom teachers. As a matter of fact, when I taught children’s literature at a local community college, one semester I substituted his book for the usual text, along with other online resources, because I found that the assigned text couldn’t be resold since a new edition had been published (come on, we all know students sell their textbooks!) The students found his book practical and helpful.

As a matter of fact, I make it a practice to give his handbook to new parents along with a copy of Goodnight Moon!

Thanks for sharing!


Reading "Good Night Moon" to my son sure is a great memory! (He's now a college freshman.) I've always been a reader and learned about Jim Trelease in college. I am a huge believer in the importance of reading to children!

In fact, I was talking with a girlfriend today about how our children's generation is so hooked on technology and we are afraid society will become a group of isolated individuals with few social skills as a result.

Parent and child quality time together is so important when they're little -- not just for the actual experience, but in the hopes that they will share our values and continue to pass them along. I just referred to another book on my shelf that I'd like to share, "Together: Creating Family Traditions," a perfect book to give yourself or someone you care about. Anyone who enjoys time with their children will love this book! It has great ideas, photography, crafts, recipes and wonderful memory-making activities for families to do together. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays,


I, too, was given the Read-Aloud Handbook when my son was born and I wondered why. As I read it, I realized what a gift it was. The book changed our lives, and truly the life of our children. When I went to hear Jim Trelease speak to teachers and parents in Fairfax County, I left wanting to tell parents everywhere to read to their children!
Twenty years later i am saddened by the lack of love for reading and the rich world that so many are missing.
Let's keep sharing this handbook as an advocate for reading, for enriching lives, for improving humankind! We are all works in progress!

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