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Kelly Christopherson

Time, everyone wants more, none of us seem to have enough, we spend a great deal trying to figuring out how to find more only to realize that there is none and then become frustrated when we can't do more in what we have.
The fact is that we can find bits of time and need to be sure that we use whatever we have in the best ways possible. The idea that many hours are dedicated beyond local control makes one wonder if many of these people actually spend time to see what is involved in a school day. As you say, the initiatives are good but do they belong in school. Do we need to find another place for some of these? Or, do we need to change our whole design of school? Maybe we should go back to the drawing board and reconceptualize what it is we are doing in school.


We cut our morning TV announcements (elementary school) and get all information out through the teachers. This gained our classrooms 10-15 extra minutes each day. As a classroom teacher that is huge. It is amazing what a difference it makes.

Darren Draper


That b/w "clockwatchers" photo is one of the best I've ever seen! I love it!

May I use it in one of my presentations?

Hi Darren,

I just pulled it off Google images. I'm not the original source of the pic, but it should be linked if you click on the pic.


pete reilly

I enjoyed this post and as I was reading it I wondered if we are missing an opportunity to re-define our roles because we are limited by our historical definition of public schools.

What I mean is, what if we redefined school?

What if in our new definition of school all these mandates were looked on as part of our core mission; not just frustrating "add ons" to our "real" work?

I remember the old story about the railroads at the turn of the century missing opportunities to maintain their prominence because they looked at their industry narrowly..."we are about rails & trains". They neglected to see the big picture..."we are about transportation."

It's a stretch, I know...


Peter Stinson

Perhaps it is time to both lengthen the school day and the academic year...


Thank you for recognizing this problem. I have been complaining about the unbelievably short time dedicated to classroom instruction in my children's school for years. The role of the public school needs to be redefined - as an institution dedicated to educating students, not raising children.

I get so frustrated when people say lengthen the school day or year. The school day is already so long it becomes difficult for me to actually do all I desire to do as a PARENT! I see the only solution as abandoning public education completely, for private or home schooling.

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