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Kelly Christopherson


Nice to hear from you. I suspect that your transition has been much more than what you expected. As someone who has been looking at such a move, it is great to have your perspective to throw into the mix. As for the resolutions and lists, I'm finding it too difficult to worry about such things. Instead, I've decided that in order to do my job the best that I can, I can't do it all the time. Being someone driven to do well, it is easy to get caught in the "desk job". I, too, have been "too busy" to read, connect and write. It is invigorating and refreshing to reclaim such things. Keep on reading - enjoy your job and know that there is always someone out there ready to welcome you back.


It’s shocking to hear that you’re exhausted. You are the first Asst. Superintendent of this school district, you are creating massive projects, and somehow, you remain connected to the students and staff … oh, and being a supportive mother is a full time job in itself.

You work hard and you should be tired. But you should be very proud of what you’re accomplishing too.

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