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I too have been trying to get some more clarity on this issue. In fact, we are trying to get a copyright/patent attorney to come speak to our teachers about this issue. Until then, I made this short to share with teachers about Fair Use.



Thanks for the links. This has been an issue we have discussed again and again in our school. One of the problems , at least in the U.S., is the traditional fair use for education clause. What is acceptable in the classroom is often not able to be published to blogs and wikis etc. I would like to get the staff to dump the fair use idea and just use those things that are suitable to publish.

I can see where the fair use for education is a good idea but for the most part it doesn't serve us well as we move into the digital world of education.

Old habits die hard and it has been an uphill battle. I hope the resources you have both shared will help me win the staff over ( and therefore the students too.)

John Evans

Hi Barbara,

Found your comments about Fair Use interesting . In Canada, we have something called Fair Dealing which is no where near as clearly explained as what I have read about in the US. It is a confusing concept and one which the point and click capability of every computer continues to blur.

I found this YouTube video that might be helpful in your efforts to communicate with your teachers about the Fair Use concept: http://tinyurl.com/2ylnry


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