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Miguel Guhlin

Howdy, glad that post was helpful. I notice the link you have goes to the archive--which can take a long time to load--of blog entries.

Here's a quicker, more direct link:

Meditating on what my punting example should be,

Miguel Guhlin
Around the Corner-MGuhlin.net

Jon Becker

Thanks for the quicker link, Miguel. And, thanks for continuing your thought provoking blogging. Was wondering...do you think the reluctance of local education agencies to move to open source is analogous to football teams unwilling to stop punting?

Mike Waiksnis

Great analogy! We need to look at what we want and need to do rather than what might happen if we are not successful in our attempts.

Jon Becker

Agreed, and from the perspective of a professor of educational leadership, I wonder how we cultivate that sort of risk-taking...

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