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Lisa-Gaye Williams

This definitely struck a chord with me … now I am pondering, what would I throw out the classroom window?

The desks & chairs?
The clock? (loved the discussion about our perceptions of time)
The whiteboard?
The textbooks??

... oh, and the deckchairs as well so we can STOP rearranging them!!


The "Crayola Curriculum". The need that elementary teachers feel to throw multiple art projects into every unit they plan, and have all the kids make the same thing at the same time. The desire to make everything "look pretty", at the expense of allowing the students the creativity of expressing themselves on the page. The "color in the lines" mentality, instead of allowing freedom of expression, even among the littlest learners.

Throw that right out the window, please.


What symbolizes all that is wrong with education? The walls.

They divide.
They discourage collaboration.
They keep the world small.
They isolate.
They contain windows that do not or cannot be opened.
They provide 'cover' to hide behind.
They are inflexible.
They have doors that stay closed.
They are cold. Lifeless.
They cannot be painted any color we want.
They never change.
They make us feel small - even powerless.
They hold up the clocks :-)

Get rid of the walls.

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