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What a great story! When I taught middle school, I made the effort to eat lunch with one of my "tougher" students in an attempt to make a connection and alleviate some behaviors. It did not show immediate success, to my disappointment, but two years later, that same student made an effort to seek me out on a visit back from the high school just to give me a hug. He made my year.


That story made my morning. Keep doing what you do; I wish we had more administrators who inspired rather than admonish.

Reggie Engebritson

Thank you, Claire and Jose for the feedback. You two made MY morning!!


A wonderful story about the power of forging and maintaining relationships with students as the number one way we affect positive change. Relationships are more powerful than any pedagogy or technology tool; those rleationships are what inspire kids to do things they would do if left to their own devices.

Keep up the relations!

(I blogged on this a while ago at http://plethoratech.blogspot.com/2008/01/abc-is-relationship-equation.html


Reggie Engebritson

Thanks, Barry, for sharing your thoughts and your post. I enjoyed reading it and you did a great job of articulating the importance of relationships. I totally agree!

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