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David Truss

This is very inspiring, and I will be passing it on to the leaders in my district!
I think the greatest influence a leader can offer is giving teachers time to Collaborate (a mix of #2 and #3). Provide teachers with the time and you show them that this is both valued and important... and it helps motivate as it removes the idea that this is just 'one more thing to add to my plate!'
What a fantastic analogy!

Jim Cottrell

Nice analogy:
Often one may think that only items #1 and #4 are available to most individuals who want to change.
Learning #1: Deep and heartfelt motivation.
Learning #4: Adopting new practices.
But, due to the various interest groups and being available to connect online, items #2, #3 and #5 are available to individuals who want to change.

Finding an online learning community is key to making a change. Six years ago I was 15 pounds heavier and with a height of 5 foot 3 inches this is a significant amount of weight. I remember sitting in a staff meeting, looking around and thinking that teaching makes one fat. This motivated me to dust off my mountain bike and hit the trails. I also realized I needed to track how much I rode, if I was going to bring about a lasting change. I knew I wasn't one to record my riding in a log book, so I looked for technological solution. I bought a Garmin Forerunner and joined a user group centered around the device. I learned training tips from the group and graphed performance data from the device. I also found new trails and people to ride with on a few websites. Now my weight fluctuates due to the amount of muscle in my legs more than the fat on my belly.

The next change I would like to make would be a switch to project based teaching. I would like to do this with lab and paper based projects first, so if computers ever become available to my students, I will be able to quickly make the change.


Interesting that you listed #2, having a teacher/coach as easily available online.

In my experience I haven't seen many educators seek out coaches to help them with personal change whether online or not.

Most folks try to do this on their own, ala reading a diet book and trying to lose weight. Others, join a group to help support them. The most successful have all three: 1) a coach/teacher 2) a book or guide 3) a support group


greg hill

Just curious as to what percentage of 'Biggest Loser' contestants needed surgery to remove the excess skin after the weight loss? Wondering if that's a concern when they signed up to be on the program.


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