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In an ideal world, every HS student would be connected to at least one teacher through an advisory similar to what they do at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia. In an ideal world, every HS student would know that at least one teacher in their school believed in their capabilities and nurtured their talents and skills.
In an ideal world, teachers would realize the incredible power they have for good in each of their students' lives and would believe what one teacher was quoted as saying in the Time magazine cover story about how to make great teachers - "Now I refuse to let students fail."
just my 2 cents.

Jan Borelli

In an ideal world, the curriculum would be connected in a meaningful way to what the students need and want and in a format that attracts and inspires. Collaboration, technology, and meaningful relationships... when are we going to start to give these to every student?

Greg Ward

I believe the parents have failed them. I'm tired of listening to students that aspire to be nothing more than a rapper or a basketball star. You would think that these parents would turn off the tv, explain the chances to their kids, and make it clear that there is a difference between hobbies and careers. Parents who do not value education will have children that do not value education.

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