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I think this is really tough thing to do. My students (5th graders) blog regularly. They write about their reading and publish some of what they write that way. Then their classmates can respond easily to them through comments.

We also use wikis regularly. Sometimes it's for a small group of students to collaborate and sometimes it's for the entire class. Hopefully in the next few months they will be creating wikis on their own for their group assignments.

They also regularly use our class delicious site. I'm the only one who can add links to it, but they pass good links on to me so that they get added. Then they all have that as a resource.

I'm starting to feel like I'm getting the hang of using these tools with these students. Next year I'll be teaching first grade and I can't even begin to picture how to do so with such little ones.

Neil A. Rochelle

Jenny- You're doing fabulous work with your fifth graders. I would be thrilled to know that all my fifth graders could blog, post to a wiki and share in social bookmarking. Is there a reason why you have to do all the bookmarking and kids can't post themselves?

Are your blogs and wiki's linked to your district's web page or your class web page? Do parents have access to and comment on their child's work?

For first graders, you can post to a class blog or upload their own work which they would love to see on the web. Then, even grandma in Arizona can see the great work in reading and writing that is being done.

Would love to hear about kids going global. Hooking up a web cam and SKPE, calling another class and having the students diagologue or share stories or reports they are learning. It's free and easy.

Dave Sherman

We are doing many of the things you have wondered about. Our district's elementary students are using wikis, blogs, and podcasts quite often, and they are excited about them.

You can see examples by going to our district's blog site: http://blog109.org/

Choose a school (I am the principal of South Park Elementary), and check out all of the blogs which also incorporate wikis, podcasting, Skype, etc.
- Dave

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