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Greg Farr

If only it were that easy! But you left out Covey's 7 habits (8 now, he added another), Schlechty's 6 systems, Marzano's 9 strategies, Clark's 55 essential rules.

And I thought I had my hands full with Moses and that tablet he brought down from the mountain top!

Jon Becker

I think that tablet is covered in one of the other books. Hold on...let me look...

pete reilly

I recently presented on this very topic. I had slide after slide of book titles like the ones you listed here...it all adds up to nice advice that few could argue with; Yet it has little value because it feeds into the cognitive model of learning that has been around forever; meaning we believe that by memorizing and understanding the list or concepts that the book presents, somehow we'll be better leaders.

Understanding lists and leadership concepts in our head is very different than being able to DO the things in the list. I've had people tell me, "I already know about leadership" and quote me some great lines from a book; and often these people are horrible examples of leaders.

Leadership practices rather than leadership advice is what we are so often missing.


Brad Davis

This post came at just the right time for me. As an educational leader myself I have come to the realization that you can't do it all, you can't please everyone and you are always asked to solve the unsolvable.

I am always feeling like I need to consult a manual of some sort as a way to manage the trials and tribulations of everyday life as an administrator. We are pulled in so many different directions and asked to be experts on so many different things it is a wonder we get anything accomplished.

We are all just treading water sometimes and unfortunately the minutia gets in the way of what is really important and that's leading educational reform in our schools.

Thanks for the timely post.

Jon Becker

Hey Pete, is that preso something you'd be willing to share via Slideshare or something of that ilk?

pete reilly

So, if you eliminate the 'manual or book' approach, where do you turn to find help and support for improving your leadership skills?

Brad Davis

I don't think that you can eliminate the "book" its a great resource to spark ideas and to see how it "should" be done. Lke a language arts teacher though, the approach should be used as just that, a resource. Something to fall back on when things get confusing.

pete reilly


How about having a teacher or coach to help?

Using your analogy it's like giving a student a textbook and saying..."Okay, now learn how to be an effective leader".

A teacher/coach can make a huge difference in the process.


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