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Addie Gaines

I think it is interesting to reflect on the path to leadership. What I found, for myself, and what I have heard from others is that often times other people realize the leadership potential in you and encourage you to move into leadership. When I moved from the classroom into administration, I really hadn't planned on it. In fact, I hadn't taken a single ed leadership class. I had held several teacher-leader positions and worked into being the summer school director. The assistant principal at the time was promoted to principal and she called me in to ask me to take the assistant position. My first response was, you're kidding, right? But, she told me that I was the person she wanted in the position. I mentioned, "You know I haven't taken any of the classes." She said it wasn't a problem and that the district would let me have the position and work on the hours for certification. So, I ended up giving it a try. Eight years later, I am still in educational administration.

So, in reflection, I am thinking that it is important for those of us in leadership to look for the potential leaders in those we work with. Teachers with leadership potential might not all aspire to the principalship, but maybe there are committees, study groups or new initiatives that need their leadership. Taking the time to encourage and nurture the leadership potential in others is one way to contribute to the future.


Ditto above comment. I started as a member on a committee and then was asked to lead it. When a district grant position came open, my principal encouraged me to take it. I said I'd never work in administration. But here I am, hoping to get as assistant job next year and eventually become a principal. If my principal at the time hadn't encouraged me, I'd probably still be in the classroom.

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