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Charlie A. Roy

I answer to a school President who is a local pastor. He prefers frequent updates and the rationale for decisions. Obviously some decisions are unpopular but if he knows about them in advance and understands why it usually diffuses all the angry calls.

Steve Poling

Fascinating post, Chris. Thanks! I can't remember reading something like this before. I keep my boss informed of info through emails in an 'fyi' format. She appreciates that. If I think my boss wants to give input, I call her. I also my boss for feedback on how she thinks I am keeping her informed. She lets me know if she feels like she has a good idea of what is going on in my school. We have good, open dialog.

Blair Peterson

I am a firm believer that it is worth the time and effort to develop an understanding of how to best communicate with your boss. I frequently talk to people who are frustrated when it comes to communications with the boss and when I ask them for clarification I often find that there is a disconnect. Either they're communicating the wrong information or they are sending it via the wrong channels. After we discuss both of these there is usually an ah-ha moment. We can say that it's the bosses job to explain what they think works best but that does not always happen. Michael Watkins in The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders states that you should have 5 conversations with your new boss. #3 is the style conversation. I highly recommend spending the time...

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