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Charlie A. Roy

Love the post. I'm also new to the world of administration and miss teaching. In a past principal position I've assigned myself a teaching duty for one hour of the day. Needless to say it became my favorite part of each day.

I like your thoughts on after school activities. We are contemplating adding intramural sports after school and some other activities like a student run tv station. Editing software is cheap and newscasts can be published right to youtube and shown over our closed circuit system.

I'll put your brother in my prayers.

Catherine Hiltz

Thank you very much.

Kelly Christopherson

Sorry to hear about your brother. I will put you and him in my prayers.
I'm not new to the world of administration, I've been a principal for the past 6 years and each year is one of learning and growing as a leader, educator and learner. I can understand your love of learning as I've often thought of doing my PhD or Ed Doc in the last few years, also through UofC. Most people do think you are looking at moving up the ladder which isn't always the case. I've taken 6 classes through Harvard Education and they have been great. Strickly because I enjoy learning. As for the things you are looking at in your school, attendance is an issue in most schools. In a K - 12 school, you know who the constant lates are going to be and who will be away on what days. I agree that once a students hits 16, attendance is on their shoulders. I've sent home attendance records, as you plan, and they do make some parents more aware but, at the end of the day, the decision is theirs not yours.
I agree that we need to look at how our day is structured and examine what is going on with our students after school. I really believe we need to come up with a program that is funded to have a coordinator that puts together programs that run out of the school from 3:30 until 5:30 Mon to Fri. We also need a community driven program that will offer youth an alternative on weekends. Someplace that is safe, free of drugs & alcohol and youth oriented.
With technology, we not only need to expect teachers to be able to use the tools but we need to examine exactly how we are planning and engaging students. There needs to be more collaboration of teachers sharing ideas and then more collaboration of students working to achieve goals across several strands.
Administrating is a different type of teaching. You're working with students, staff, parents and the public, helping them to learn and grow. Sometimes it isn't direct instruction but there is learning taking place. As an administrator, you get to see the larger picture of education which can be somewhat scary at times. As you work toward the vision of the school and look for new ways to teach those around you, there is a good chance you will be helping someone to learn, albeit in a less direct way than if you were in front of a class. It has taken me all these 6 years to become comfortable in my role as administrator. It takes time to adjust. Some people seem to be born for the role, like teaching. The rest of us must work, some of us harder than others, at developing skills necessary for being in our position. Would love to hear how you make out with your policies.
Take care.

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