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Charlie A. Roy

How many of the choices made by our government are made solely out of fear. Fear of what may be. The incarceration rate of the European countries is far lower. A dollar spent on rehabilitation would be far more productive.

day care insurance

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Tracy Weeks

How many children are born to unwed fathers?

Fred Deutsch

Very interesting statistics. I wonder why there is no mention how many children are killed in the womb? I recognize that's a very touchy political and personal issue, but I think those stats belong to a list like this for consideration.


I wish that our government would spend more money on the children, but sometimes I believe our nation is too scared. I do not always think they do what is right, they just do what they need to do. I do not know if this will ever change. I would like to use the nation's money for starving children and a greater education rather than war, but I do not really think that will ever happen. People are too selfish. They do not always care about the needs of others, they just care about how they can put themselves ahead.


Here's another stat. In 1980, 1 in 10,000 children were identified as autistic. Today it's 1 in 150. Now that's a statistic that's going to drastically change our education system.

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