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Tina K.

Before I started teaching I worked retail where creating conversations with strangers was required. I will admit I did not mind. I agree it is a good skill to work on. I enjoyed the story of the veteran. I was at Wal Mart this winter and took my cart after I had checked out and pushed it back to the elderly man who greats at the door. I then thanked him for the cart. He said it was the firts time in four years that someone gave him the cart and thanked him instead of just pushing it at him. He then thanked me. Little things mean so much even to strangers.

The Principal Guy

You would think that since we are in the "people business" we would have ample opportunity to speak to strangers. However, due to time constraints and the demands of the job we find ourselves isolated from the outside world with little opportunity to hone this skill. Not everyone is comfortablve with striking up a conversation with a stranger but it's something to be considered.

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