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Justin B.

Congrats on finishing the first year! And having the state of mind to reflect and improve in subsequent years. And I like the earn lunch with the principal idea.

And don't worry about the dissertation. Just block out about 3 weeks in the summer and set yourself a goal of 8 or so pages a day (sometimes less sometimes more). At the end of that stretch, you will be amazed how close you are to finishing. Worked for me.

Reggie Engebritson

Thanks, Justin, for the advice on getting my paper done. I'm determined!!

Tina K.

Reggie...glad you are blogging about your first year experience. I just finished my first interview for an elementary position. Will find out in a couple of weeks if it went the way I wanted. Hope to be blogging with the same comments that you have made. The idea of being the principal excites and scares me at the same time. I really relish the work I do with students in my classroom and wonder if I will miss that. I enjoy the relationship I have with staff and hope that will continue with a new position. Wonder what I can accomplish and what I will not. Hope you continue to blog your experiences so that I can follow along.

Dave Sherman

The principalship is such an amazing job. Each year is so different. I feel as if I am finishing my twelfth "first year on the job." I believe we have the most important job in education.

Scott McLeod

I'm a pretty strong believer in the First Amendment and a fairly active opponent of censorship. However, I also want to preserve a civil tone on CASTLE's blogs and don't feel that the comment areas are places to air personal or professional grievances. So I took the rare step of deleting the comment that existed previous to this one because it slid over too far into an area that I felt was better left between two private individuals. Thank you for your understanding and I welcome any commentary on my decision.

Scott McLeod, J.D., Ph.D.
Director, CASTLE, Iowa State University

David B.

Scott- Was wondering how that issue would be handled (new to blog concept). Been trying to fit a blog into a public school setting (teachers, staff, parents, or even students) but was unsure of the possible ramifications if unwanted blogs (flogblogs I like to call them)were posted. Good discussion point to think about.

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