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Stephanie Sandifer

Lovely rant Chris -- I for one would love to hear you say this to your audience! And to many other audiences :)

Have you considered turning this into a slideshare presentation? :)

Good luck with your keynote -- have fun, speak from the heart, and "be the change!"


Neil Rochelle

Chris, rant away! Folks need to hear your thoughts and you don't need to deliver a keynote that everyone will expect. Give them something to think about that could result in some going back and making some real change in schools.

John Peters

Having just spent the past 3 days administering the State Standardized Test in our high school for the past 3 days, with 1 day to go I have to agree with you totally.

Unfortunately at this point the scores do matter and that is one of the problems. Until we get away from trying to make our students fit inside the nice little box we try to place them in and allow them to be creative and demonstrate their true potential, creativity is severely limited.

Charlie A. Roy

Great piece. I hope you let them have it. I recently attended the NCEA conference and was appalled by all the school security companies. Truly a sad commentary on the state of the U.S. education system.

Dave Sherman

I wish I could be there to hear you speak. I hope you follow through with your plan to "scream" at these people. Your passion is wonderful. Let them see it!

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