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As I read this post, I remembered I reviewed a web tool the other day for just this purpose. In the video tour, it even mentions how useful it is for school admins to use. Check it out: http://www.phonesheet.com/


My secretary will do both. Routine matters go to voice mail (some will request this) and others will leave the message with her for the "sticky note" on the computer routine. Not one person has complained to me about either - kind of surprises me actually. The big key, however, is that I return calls, e-mails, etc. ASAP, which gives credibility and respect to their issue.

Tamara Speidel

What a great idea! You really gave me something to think about. My secretary does screen my calls and put them through to voicemail. Often parents leave loooong messages and it takes up a lot of time (that is already limited) to sift through them all. It also makes sense to have a live person to gauge the level of unrest/urgency and who can help massage the situation a little as well. Something to consider for sure. Thanks!


I am in a small elementary school and all incoming calls go to either my secretary or to me. We almost never send someone to voicemail. If I cannot take a call, she takes the message and I try to return calls within 24 hours. Parents are always pleasantly surprised when I answer the phone myself. It doesn't hurt having caller ID.

Addie Gaines

I am also in a small school and unless there is literally no one available to answer the phone, then it is answered by my secretary. I am rarely in my office during business hours unless I am having a meeting, as I prefer to be out and about. I have her screen incoming calls and ascertain the importance or urgency of the call. I also have her "handle" calls from sales people, which I refuse to talk to unless I have contacted them first. I let her know if I am expecting a call from a company, so she will know that I am looking for the message. She is awesome at finding out the gist of what people want, so that when I return calls, I am prepared with the information I need.

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