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Looks like you could use a proofreader! A translator might be useful too!

Scott McLeod

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Great post and good questions. I like the fact that you recognize this as a journey. I like the fact that you are anticipating that once school gets into full swing, people will tend to slide back to what is comfortable. I also think you are on track with creating an environment that rewards risk taking.

There are so many ways to enter the rest of this conversation with you.

On the organizational journey side, there is a lot to do with creating trust with your team. There are concrete practices that you can put in place that are meant to build trust.

On the personal journey side, what specific attributes do you want to strengthen in yourself so that you are a more effective leader, and more apt to lead the team to success?

For me, it has always been about integrating organizational change and personal change. It makes it very real when you include yourself in the change.

I'm excited for you.



Thanks Pete.
You are right- trust is a key component. Tonight I had a BBQ at my house for the 4 staff members who attended NECC with me. The idea was to debrief and to do some planning for the fall. We did have a good conversation and put somethings in place...But about halfway through the evening I realized the real impact was that it was building our relationship/trust.

So I am planning to have several dinners like tonight during the school year. Small groups, relaxed, away from school and a chance to just talk.

On a personal level this has to do with being a good listener, asking good questions and deepening my approachability...

Zack Allen

Tools are cool but what are the basic elements we really need?
- I am convinced that in a world where information is doubling at exponential rates, it is not how much you know that is important. We can't double what we teach at exponential rates. It is the ability to search, discover, critically evaluate, synthesize and create that is important.

Personally and for your school -How did your journey unfold- Where are you and what is next?
- I am where you are - reflecting & making plans to change (me - not my staff at first).

How can you rewrite the job description of learners?
- Process is more important than the product
Again, it is more important to know how to learn than it is know what to learn. The only thing we can count on about the future is that change will occur. We do not know what the 10 most in demand jobs will be. We do not know what technologies will be the driving forces of our economy in 10-20 years. The product we are trying produce is not static and known. Therefore, I believe that it is in our best interest to focus on the learning process. We need to produce students that know how to learn. So that when they are faced with the needs of the future, they will be equipped with the ability to adapt to those needs.

What agents of change are you putting into place for the coming year?
- 1. Building a staff wiki to facilitate collaborative learning, work and decision making.
- 2. Switching from requiring SMART goals to "get smart" goals. "I will learn ______, so that I can ___________.
- 3. Start doing 2 day "intensives" at the end of each trimester where the whole school will study topics around a given theme. We will stop teaching/learning the next essential learning in our pacing guide or the "next" lesson in our lesson manual. We will allow our students interests in the given theme guide our study, collaborate with other students, teachers, classes, outside experts, other schools possibly, etc., and share the results of our learning with our stakeholders in non-predetermined ways. I will ask teachers to experiment with new learning models and teaching techniques during these days. It will be a low risk, high interest and hopefully motivating taste of where our vision for the future of our school will go.

Who said the following?

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution."

"Setting an example is not the main means of influencing another, it is the only means."

"Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid. Human beings are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant. Together they are powerful beyond imagination."

"Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts."

"I think that only daring speculation can lead us further and not accumulation of facts."

"The search for truth is more precious than its possession."

- Albert Einstein

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