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Elizabeth Davis

Carol Dweck's book changed the way I think, the way I teach and the way I parent. I think it is essential reading for all educators. (I blogged about it last summer: http://tinyurl.com/6py2ma)I'm really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it.

Thanks for the list.I'm going to check out Schooling by Design, I'm a big Understanding by Design Fan, not that I need to add more books to my list...

Tammy Rasmussen

Great choice of books. I would suggest that folks check out www.shelfari.com. You can set up an electronic book shelf that tracks the books you read. You can even engage in discussions with folks who enjoy the books you read.

I am in chapter 2 of Mindset and am struggling to put it down. What a great read and incredibly thought provoking. It partners well with Marzano and effort based ability. Good stuff.

Tammy Rasmussen

Here is a link to my shelfari....



What a jolt to sit at my desk in Ankara, Turkey, catching up on education blogs, and read about you going on vacation to South Haven. I grew up on a cherry/peach/blueberry farm in Bangor, about 10 miles inland. How I ended up in Turkey is a long story, but I still miss those sunsets, and trips to Sherman Dairy after a long day working on the farm!! Enjoy some u-pick blueberries for me.

Kevin W. Riley

Check out this new book about a charter school: "The Lights of El Milagro: How One Charter School's Revolt Could Transform Public Education." www.thelightsofelmilagro.com

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