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You wrote:

"During these interviews, which should last about 20 minutes, giving you 10 minutes to catch your breath and summarize any notes."

Is that even a sentence? Do you guys ever proofread your posts before posting them?

Here's another interesting bit:

"Congratulations! I'm really proud and impressed with you and your new school. I'm sure you will do well."

You sound as if you know the people who will be reading this self-described open letter. This is another example of vapidity, vacuousness.

If you are leaders here at leadertalk, you might want to bone up on some basic writing skills to make yourselves at least appear that you are worthy of the "leader" moniker.


Thank you for posting this piece. I am taking over a new building and I was looking for an activity to survey my new staff. I think I will use many of these questions for a "chalk talk". For those who do not know what a chalk talk is, essentially each question is posted on a piece of chart paper and hung around the room. Teachers (or students) move around quietly with a marker and answer the questions or add comments (almost like a blog). Then you can go around reviewing one or all of the charts. I almost always have the results typed and distributed for future review. Results can be discussed at a later date or over time. It is a quick way to get the info and it allows everyone to read what everyone is thinking. Thanks again.

Michael Watkins

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