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Carol VanHook

I like what you say about writing from the heart and about being prepared. Have the equipment on hand! Get the blog up and running. Students observe and will quickly model what you are doing! That's what it's all about!



I cobbled together something of this model in my first year as a tech coordinator and it worked well. One of the best things we can do to combat the closed door classroom is to open it up via publicity.

In my first year as an administrator, your method looks like something I will follow. What's fantastic about the tools is that they make such complicated literacies and publication method basic enough so that each of us can explore the creativity that we have. Granted, and not to incite the likes of Andrew Keen here, some of us are more creative than others and their work will be done at a higher level, but you and I writing our blogs about amazing teachers and lessons can go a long way towards making a small part of the world feel more connected.

Miguel Guhlin

I couldn't agree more with both of you, Carol and Patrick. The power of the human voice, authentic writing that is real, grounded in the stories of our daily lives is powerful.

The Media and movies make a lot of those stories seem...small, as if they didn't mean a lot. But the message of each is still the same. Every story is a BIG story to the hero in it, and since our children are OUR heroes--who else do you know can come up with imaginative questions the rest of us find trouble answering?--it's life-affirming that we celebrate them.

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