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Brandt Schneider

To borrow a phrase from the past week's political discussion "You can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig".

I feel your pain and appreciate all of your efforts. You certainly went the extra mile to find a new way.

But I can't imagine you substituting the word "math" for the word "art" in this discussion. If I suggested substituting instruction from a certified teacher with "MathSnacks" I might experience a bit of trouble.

I am curious what your plan for next year is.


Thanks for your comment. One thing to note however is that the students are getting instruction from certified teachers..that is actually the beauty of this solution. And they are getting feedback from an authentic audience from a community of artists. it is amazing how many certified art teachers are part of this site. It still is not a fully organized curriculum and that is where I come in organizing the content and the expectations for our students.

I think the online mentoring and teaching available is really something with almost unlimited potential. It doesn't mean we don't need teachers in the classroom but bringing in outside voices and field experts for Math or any core content can provide our students with a much richer and deeper curriculum. I know there are some incredible things being done through online collaboration for AP Calculus.

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