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Dave Sherman

I have taught at the elementary and middle school levels, I was an assistant principal like you were, and I have been a principal for 13 years. After all that, I still believe that the principalship is the best job in education. Keep the positive attitude, and get through one day at a time this year. Keep building relationships with students, and keep getting into the classrooms.

Remember to take negative and positive feedback with a grain of salt. In both cases, there is always going to be some exaggeration and inflation of opinions. Keep your emotions as steady as you can. Always focus on what is right for the students, and not for the adults, even if you are not always the most popular guy in the room.

Finally, create some strong bonds with a few other principals whom you can share your feelings, let off some steam, and share some laughs.

Have a great year!
- Dave

Tom from Virginia

Have you been watching the live webcast on the Aspen Institute's Summit on Education? Worth taking a look.


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