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Pat Hensley

I see an observation from an administrator as a way to get constructive criticism and/or a pat on the back for what I'm doing. Once the fear of "I'm out to catch you doing something wrong" is not there, I am more comfortable with observations. I had an assistant principal who used to eat lunch every day in my room (I was in an old home ec room) at my invitation and I stopped worrying about being observed. In fact, I forgot most of the time that she was even there. I suggest that once you start being seen in the classrooms, you continue on a regular basis so it doesn't become one of those one time fads that we see from time to time.


I'm in classrooms daily and I find that teachers feel more comfortable if you enter the room without pen and paper, you focus your attention on the students rather than on the teacher (many times I will completely turn my back on the teacher and just talk to students about what they are doing), and if you give only positive feedback on informal visits. This establishes a sense of trust so later down the road during a formal eval if you need to address something you can.

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