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Teaching is an art!

Jason Yu

No doubt, teaching is an art, but it is also a science.

Ryan Rowe

Creativity has a chance to be a vital part of teaching...and learning. After about third grade we, as educators, squash any opportunity that a student may have to express, innovate, create, design, or experience project based curriculum. I beleive that Career and Technical Education may be able to guide quality teaching practicies that have ALL students engaged in relavant learning. And others may follow best practices that may benefit a student of any age.

Kelly Tavares

Weel, sharing the same thinking I found this text at the internet.
I am an art teacher in Brazil and now I am living in the US. I really liked your text and I would like to know about your experience and how did you get to this conclusion?
Any of you would give a hint of a specific literature that focus in art teaching as a creative process?
my mail is [email protected]

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