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Chris Hitch

Great analogy, Nancy. I spend more time fishing than catching when I am on the water-some lessons I've learned that might "tie in" (I know a VERY bad pun, but I have no sense of humor).

A-Patience-just because the fly doesn't "catch" the fish in the first 3 casts, don't simply bite off the fly and try to tie another one on the end of the line (or leader).

B-Practice Catch and Release-when you have a person who is interested in change (being caught), don't kill them in all the many ways that we can kill new ideas or new behaviors that haven't taken hold. Let them catch their breath and go back in the water to live to play another day.

Jim Moll

Another problem is overfishing the same stream. While it's easiest, at times, to revisit the same waters due to previous success, the danger lies in depleting the stock through overuse. The responsibility of conservation of our volunteer base lies with leaders - creatively finding ways to draw others in to widen the pool is the challenge.

char W.

It is difficult to bring staff on board when prepsenting a new idea. I learned about "Languages of Love" and found that when I filled their tanks with the staff member's language he/she was more willing to accept my new innovative thoughts/ideas.

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