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Scott McLeod

We need to be more unforgiving of bad presentations or useless meetings. It's OUR time these people are wasting!

Seth Godin and others write about living in an attention economy. People have to EARN our attention; they no longer can assume they have the monopoly of information delivery. As Godin notes on page 14 of Small Is The New Big, if your target audience isn't listening, it's not their fault, it's yours.

Diane Brissette

Though I agree that it is primarily the speaker's and or leader's responsibility to capture and maintain the audience's attention, I also believe we are losing sight of some basic courtesies toward our colleagues/fellow humans. Is there an expectation of the audience as well as of the speaker? Do they have any responsibility to communicate their boredom / frustration to the speaker rather than using the laptop? Could the whole process be improved if the speaker were given candid feedback and /or assistance in utilizing different methods / technologies to run an efficient meeting? Can't we all just get along?


The points in this article are wonderful, maybe if we took into account the learning needs of all the players involved, everyone would be on the same page. No one would be off in the distance, way ahead of the group and no one would be lost in the dust.

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