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Dave Meister

So true! So many of our students love to get involved on class blogs and online content. It is what they do everyday on their own time! With these mediums we can tap into their social networking needs and guide a little bit of their away time from school time....(and they can guide ours) I am curious though, how many administrators out there have found Second Life to be a meaningful use of time? I have yet to see its potential. Maybe it is because it is so "clunky" and full of what is the worst parts of our culture.....could be I do not know where to go!

Laurie Jefsen

The work that we have been doing in MI-LIFE related to digital tools has been a real eye opener for me. Many are familiar to me, but I realize that I have always avoided blogging. I think that it is the privacy issue. I have a LinkedIn site, but do not use it. You inspire me to explore this further.

Mike Bublitz

A major issue that we face as educators is the ability to safely allow access to this type of website. Our technology departments believe they need to keep many useful sites locked down for security sake. Without being able to open these sites for educational use, we run the risk of students losing engagement with our schools as they roam on their own into the online world that they can easily access after leaving school and going home or to a friend's house. We are at a serious point in the evolution of this technology during which we need to create new solutions to the accessibility issues we face. I don't have the answers, by no means, since I am not proposing that we just run "wide open". We need to find some balance in this policy questions.


I agree that the tools our students are using on-line are preparing them for their future. We are teaching them how to learn for careers that are yet to be invented/developed. The world is open to them. However, we must also teach them to use the on-line tools and all technology responsibly and carefully. Perhaps by being involved and informed ourselves, we will need to develop classes that will prepare them ethically.

Deb Stevenson

Technology rules so many facets of our lives. As educators, we expect our students to learn huge amounts of information, be able to apply concepts, and be proficient in many subjects. Yet, as adults many shy away from learning about technology as though something will come out of the computer to shake us if we do something wrong. Spending the time to learn something new on the computer is well worth it and many times will make us more proficient in our positions. Knowing there are so many things we don't know about just helps us remember that we are human.


Educators can join Second Life and bypass the usual and overwhelming orientation islands upon registering. ISTE has streamlined the process for educators to welcome them directly into the educational region of SL. Read here and join: http://www.sl-educationblog.org/?p=308


No,I do not know how to Twitter and I do not have a MySpace. I still feel like an immigrant in this new world. In the MiLife course I have been introduced to many concepts that have been foreign to me. I know that if I expect students to keep learning,I have to keep learning also.

Randall E Raymond

The idea of Never2Old2Learn makes me wonder why some people find it so difficult to keep abreast with learning how to leverage technology in educational settings. I have ofter found that the best learning happens when I become the student and allow the "technology" student to become the teacher. There is so much students can teach us about the use of technology.

Michelle Bradford

I don't Twitter or MySpace. I do, however, relate to what you are saying. My son is a U Tube fan and I have learned a lot about what entertains our young minds. I have often thought that if we could record our students presenting an academic skit and display it for the school, we could really engage our learners. As well, my second grade teachers are constantly sharing how they have to work so much harder to keep the students' attention. If we tapped into the digital world and used it teach and engage, the teachers would no longer need to compete for their attention. I enjoyed your thoughts.

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