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The national Senior Project® Center is so pleased to read this post. The Senior Project® program is an award-winning program of rigor and relevance that allows students to demonstrate the 21st century skills needed in an ever-changing global economy and work world. It has a proven record of success for over 20 years and can be found in high schools across the country. Several states have mandated it as a state graduation requirement.

Dual enrollment and programs allowing seniors to be on college campuses are enriching and valuable, but many high schools who participate also still require students to complete their Senior Project by utilizing web tools or the Senior Project Tracker™ program so students can work remotely and virtually.

While you are right that a Google search yields millions of results, the overwhelming majority of those are for college senior projects. The Senior Project® Center is the only licensed provider for the materials, training, coaching, and resources for this high school based program. We encourage interested educators to visit our website to learn more: http://www.seniorproject.net We are also located in Second Life® on EduIsland II.


I agree that it is important to get seniors engaged in school, and many times they “lose a year.” I feel that the best way for them to get the most out of their senior year is by giving them options. If a student is not going to go to college and is planning on entering the work force, then I think it is best to let them work half a day when they are seniors and take life skill classes for the other half. Students are not going to be motivated in classes if they do not find them to be important to their success in life.
When I was in high school, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. So, my senior year, I was able to take the required classes at my high school in the morning and then take an introduction to teaching class the last half of the day. In the short run, I greatly enjoyed my senior year because I was able to learn about something that interested me. In the long run, I was able to get college credits for the class I took.
I feel that more seniors would stay in school and get more out of their experience if they were offered classes that interested them. If all high schools gave their seniors the option to take post secondary classes, work for half a day, or finish out their senior year traditionally at school, the students would not “lose a year.” The students should have the choice and maybe if they did, the drop out rate would decrease.


Working in a high school I understand that the lost year is a mind set of parents that, "My kid has endured 12 years of being here and they need to coast." Although many of us disagree with this we need to not only changing the students' minds it is changing their parents minds.

In Michigan with the new curriculum requirements this maybe a thing of the past.

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