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Danah Skinner

This is amazing I really agree with these ideas! Also really liked the examples they really helped me understand it better.


Thanks for the link.

My experience has shown that the best teachers are smart, sassy, artistic, non-conformist, interested, curious, well-read, picky, funny, fun, and difficult for administrators.

It is encouraging to see that I am not alone in thinking that pedagogy based on research is just a tiny piece. Good pedagogy requires finesse and the ability to adapt; adapting to the 20 kids in your class, the myriad curricular materials that assume teachers know nothing, and the administrator who needs to adhere to the district mandates if she wants to keep her job.

The teacher who considers teaching an art will not sell kids short, unlike those who would base their pedagogical style on science.

Hey, if science could inform our instruction, you'd think we would have experienced a jump in scores, but, alas, we haven't.

Richard Feynman was a true genius. And he was right.

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