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hey... i like this one!!!

“A leader is a juggler, a person who maintains a dynamic vision of
“what could be” while dealing with the everyday “what is” crises and mundane demands.”
( Matusak & Young, 1997)


That is a great quote. I will post that one. Thanks,

Ellen Weber

Your concern for deep leadership and your skills for this task are impressive Brian, and thanks for the inspiration here.

Teachers and school staff are especially empowered when leaders lead more from behind, and reward them for leading in an area that holds their talents for growth, change and excellence. Seems to me you have a great opportunity for this to happen in your school.

Why not distribute a multiple intelligence survey to the entire school community - and then invite others to assume the many tasks you've named in a wonderful leadership role -- because you've invested them with that genuine authority in your community.

Just another two-bit idea to add to your zest for a great school community. All the best -- as you build with others who care and contribute as you do so well.


I have attached an article on the 3 Minute Walk-Through process for administrators. This procedure will get you out of those seemingly leaderless tasks and into the classrooms observing students' learning. The process is one that allows you to develop reflective questions that will enable you to lead your staff to the next level using questioning techniques that promote research and careful thought processing. It is the best training I received as an administrator and highly recommend anyone to take it. Like you, I was very frustrated with the lack of time to actually lead my staff members educationally. Implementing 3 Minute Walk-Throughs has enabled me to start down the leadership path that I so desire.

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